Prague public transportation prices did not change this year.

As promised by the mayor on the elections, ticket prices stayed the same this year as well. We all know that One time (or Single) use tickets don’t effect the everyday life of people who are in possession of a monthly or a yearly ticket, but from time to time we still might need to purchase single use tickets (never leave home without your Opencard 🙂 ).

The DPP warns the Expats not to buy any tickets from individuals trying to sell them next to the, or close by the ticket vending machine. As a result of that, you might end up having a ticket on which the date and time of validation (stamped on by the validating machine) is removed illegally.

The tariffs for the Prague city area are divided into Zones P and 0 (in total there are 4 tariff zones for the Prague area). Zone P has a doubled tariff value and Zone 0 is divided into Zones 0 and B – the border stops zone.

Zone P includes the metro, trams, Prague public transport buses (lines No‘s 100 – 299 and 501 – 599), the Petřín funicular, ferries and selected railway line sections.

Zone 0 includes buses from the periphery areas (lines No‘s 300 – 399 and 601 – 620) running through the Prague area, and selected railway line sections.

The easiest and the safest way is using sms ticket with sending sms to the following number : 902 06

Below to be sent in the message :

DPT24 (for 30 mins Adult ticket)

DPT32 (for 90 mins Adult ticket)

DPT110 (for 24 hrs Adult ticket)

You have to be sure you received a confirmation sms, otherwise you might have some problem.

Make sure to activate your sms payments!

You can get more information from DPP webpage

Have a safe trip!

Prague Public Transportation ticket prices
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